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The ENVFOLLOWER/EXT.IN module brings external sound sources into your AE modular; it does this in different aspects:

The module has two mono audio inputs for external sources; one unbalanced for line level signals like audio players, tapes, portable recorders, and a balanced one for directly attaching microphones (dynamic and self powered condenser mics, but not phantom powered ones). This input signal is brought then to AE level.

Now, from the input signal an envelope is derived, giving the volume of the signal as CV which can control what you want, e.g. filter cutoff, pitch or what else is CV controllable within your AE system. The SMOOTH knob controls the shape of the envelope/suppression of the audio signal component.

Finally, the ENVFOLLOWER module provides a gate signal, indicating that the level of the audio input is above a certain level that can be set with the GATE THRES knob.

Power Consumption: 7 mA


  • IN - This patch point at the top left of the module accepts audio input coming from within the AE system, eg. from a VCA.
  • UNBAL. IN - 3.5mm mono input for line level signals, eg. from audio players, recorders, PC or other synths
  • BAL. IN - 3.5mm mono input for microphones, dynamic or self powered condenser mics. Does NOT provide phantom power.


  • ENV - CV signal which follows the amplitude of the incoming signal.
  • GATE - Gate which is on when the audio level is above a certain threshold
  • AUDIO SIGNAL - pass through of the incoming audio signal. If coming via the balanced input, the signal has been raised to AE level.


  • GAIN - controls the GAIN that is applied to the incoming signal before processing.
  • SMOOTH - controls how smooth or jagged the resulting env signal is from the audio
  • GATE THRESH - controls the threshold at which the GATE output is on.

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