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DRONE38 is a sound generator with 18 oscillators in total, organized in six groups of three oscillators each. 12 of them can be switched between sawtooth and triangle waves, 6 are fixed sawtooth oscillators.

The groups can be mixed individually with 3 mixer knobs, where each 2 groups can be assigned to the level. Additionally, each group can be activated / “played” with buttons near the group.

The oscillators are not meant to be controlled by CVs, but only set static with a knob. By mixing them, very dense drones and clusters can be created.

Additionally, 6 oscillators can be synced to other ones for extending the sonic palette.

Module power consumption: 6 mA



  • A1 - A6 SYNC - You can patch from the outputs B1 to B6 into these to synchronise A and B banks.


  • OUT - The mix of all banks, taking into account the section on/off switches and bank level knobs.
  • SUM A - the mix of all oscillators in bank A, taking into account the section on/off switch, but not affected by the bank A level knob
  • SUM B - same for bank B
  • SUM C - same for bank C
  • Pulse Outputs B1 - B6 - Patch these into the inputs A1- A6 to sync the A and B oscillators


  • PITCH A1-A6, B1-B6, C1-C6 - these control the individual pitches of the oscillators
  • Trigger Button A1-3,A4-6, B1-3, B4-6, C1-3, C4-6 - when pressed these momentarily activate the respective section even when it is switched off with the section on/off switch

Patch Examples

It is designed to be used with the Dronx Mixer/FX module but does not have to be. The Mixconsole is also an option, or a 4VCA module or two...

There is a video by the 5th Volt... %

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