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Lo-Fi Delay is a analogue, old fashioned bucket brigade style of delay

Module power consumption: 18 mA


  • In - Main incoming audio signal
  • CV - CV control of delay time so can do Flanger/Phaser type sounds.
  • In 2 - for 2nd signal in, this will be mixed in without attenuation
  • In 3 - for 3rd signal in, this will be mixed in without attenuation


  • Outs (2) - (mixed signal)
  • Wet- (delay sound only)
  • Dry - (original signal(s) only)
  • Thru - passive mixing/splitting nothing to do with the delay.


  • Delay - Set delay time, further impacted by CV control above.
  • Feedback - This controls the amount of the output signal that is send back to the input, so you can get reverb type sounds, repeated echoes etc.
  • Dry/Wet - This controls the amount of dry (original signal) and wet (the delayed sound) in the output.

Patch Suggestions

If you want dynamic control of the dry/wet mix, you can use the separate outs and then combine in the 2 ATT/CV, 4ATT/Mix etc.

Excellent on bass sounds as is naturally less bright than digital delays.


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