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Lo-Fi Delay is a analogue, old fashioned bucket brigade style of delay

Module power consumption: 18 mA


  • In - Main incoming audio signal
  • CV - CV control of delay time so can do Flanger/Phaser type sounds (with LFO).
  • In 2 - for 2nd signal in, this will be mixed in without attenuation
  • In 3 - for 3rd signal in, this will be mixed in without attenuation


  • Outs (2) - (mixed signal)
  • Wet- (delay sound only)
  • Dry - (original signal(s) only)
  • Thru - passive mixing/splitting nothing to do with the delay.


  • Delay - Set delay time, further impacted by CV control above.
  • Feedback - This controls the amount of the output signal that is send back to the input, so you can get reverb type sounds, repeated echoes etc.
  • Dry/Wet - This controls the amount of dry (original signal) and wet (the delayed sound) in the output.

Patch Suggestions

Dynamic Control If you want dynamic control of the dry/wet mix, you can use the separate outs and then combine in the 4ATT/Mix or 4VCA.

Bass Sounds Excellent on bass sounds as is naturally less bright than digital delays.

CV Control Using the CV control of the delay time can be done with any CV, not just LFOs. Sequencer CV outs can generate some great rhythmic and/or melodic effects. Envelopes can the same, or do strange FX depending on settings and how they are triggered.

Other input sources It can be really interesting on CV rather than audio.....

Controlling Feedback The wet signal output and the three mixed inputs makes adding CV control over feedback straightforward. Simply run the wet output to the signal input of a VCA, and run the VCA output to one of the delay inputs. The VCA CV input now controls the amount of feedback. Use a module like the CV Tool to add an offset and attenuate a CV from an LFO or envelope in order to more precisely control the feedback.


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