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A touch plate for the AE Modular. You can buy the DIY kit from either of these websites:

This is an excellent first kit if you are new to electronic construction/soldering. Very simple and a useful addition to your AE Modular, especially if you are performing live.

Wonkystuff has done a video about the building of the kit -

Each input/output pairing refers to the touch plate with the same symbol; usually you will do one connection to 2 (or more) different touch plates so your finger(s) make the electrical connection. Experiment!

Patch Suggestions

It is great to add a bit of variation to any modulation as you move/press your finger (or whatever else you fancy running over the touch plates!); can be nice on filter cut off too.

Also try with the audio signal directly through it, rather than as a CV control.

See also this video from Max Richardson as a demonstration...


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