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The 4VCA has four separate Amplifier circuits within; all switchable DC/CV and audio, and a mix output. It is therefore also a 4-channel CV controllable mixer for audio or CV signals.

There is also a 2VCA module available, but this does not have the mix output..

Module power consumption: 8 mA


  • IN 1-4 - accepts the CV or audio signal you want to control
  • CV 1-4 - accepts an incoming control voltage, 0 volts is no signal to the output(s), +5V is the loudest signal.


  • Out 1-4 - Individual outputs of the 4 channels
  • Mix - the mix of all channels


There are 4 switches that allow you to switch the channel voltage between audio and control voltage (DC). The difference is that there is some filtering of the signal when put into audio mode to prevent crackling or popping noises from voltage differences.

Patch Suggestions

By using 2 channels and an LFO you can have panning over stereo, the signal will need inverting for 1 side by, for example, the 2ATTCV module. The Mix output will still be mono....

This module is really handy for combining CVs to go to a module with one CV input. You may want an keyboard CV, envelope, LFO and a manual adjustment (e.g. Joystick) to the pitch CV of OSC 1 on the 2OSC/D module....

This module is also useful to have CV control over another CV, e.g. if you want to fade in an LFO providing vibrato to an oscillator using an envelope. This in combination with the previous patch suggestion is a really powerful modulation patching ability for the AE system.


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