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Many AE modules have Mult sockets where you can combine or split signals. This isn't always reliable in terms of what the end result is, especially if you are wanting the output CV for pitch control. This is where the 4Buffer Module comes in.

You can combine up to 4 signals (no mixer controls) or make a signal up to 8 separate outs. It can also do 2 separate input pairs (i.e. 2 to 1), and 4 separate one input to two outputs.

If you want to control the level of the inputs being combined then you need to look at the 4ATTMIX and Polamix modules.

Module power consumption: 1 mA


  • IN1 - input for channel 1.
  • IN2 - input for channel 2.
  • IN3 - input for channel 3.
  • IN4 - input for channel 4.


  • OUT1 (x2) - output of channel one.
  • OUT2 (x2) - output of channel two.
  • OUT3 (x2) - output of channel three.
  • OUT4 (x2) - output of channel four.

On left (usually input) side

  • B.Crtl - the CV generated on Midi CC20, usually a mod wheel on a connected Midi keyboard via the Master module .
  • B.CV - the CV generated by a key being pressed on a Midi keyboard attached to the master module.


  • Link 1-2 - This switch joins inputs 1 and 2 together, so outputs 1 and 2 carry the combined signal.
  • Link 2-3 - This switch joins inputs 2 and 3 together, so outputs 2 and 3 carry the combined signal. If the Link 1-2 switch is also on then all 3 inputs are combined and sent to the three outputs.
  • Link 3-4 - This switch joins inputs 3 and 4 together, so outputs 3 and 4 carry the combined signal. If Link 2-3 switch is also on, then inputs 2,3 & 4 are combined and sent to outputs 2,3 &4. If Link 1-2 is on as well as Link 2-3 then all 4 inputs are combined over all 8 outputs sockets.

Patch Suggestions

The most obvious use to to provide CVs to multiple oscillators from a connected Midi keyboard, but applies for anytime you want the same pitch CV to go to more than one VCO, (it can be good for that CV to go to a LFO module as well).

It can be used to mix any CVs together, saving your 4ATTMIX modules etc. Mixing CVs together is really useful where a module has one CV input.

This module combines with other CV manipulation modules, e.g. 2CVTOOL and SLEW/EDGE.


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