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This module has been discontinued and is no longer in production, replaced by the OSC2/d.

The 2OSC is a dual analog oscillator that produces square, sawtooth and pulse waves per independent oscillator. Due to its analog nature it is not very stable and can best be used for modulation, drones or percussive sounds where accurate pitch is not as important. It does have a big, raw sound though.


  • CV1 - control voltage input for pitch frequency
  • PWM1 - control voltage input for pulse width modulation of square wave output
  • SYNC1 - sync input to synchronise this oscillator with another one
  • CV2 - as above but for the second oscillator
  • PWM2 - as above but for the second oscillator
  • SYNC2 - as above but for the second oscillator


  • BUS CV - MIDI pitch signal from the bus
  • BUS CTRL - MIDI Control CC signal from the bus
  • 2x Square wave 1 & 2-
  • Saw wave 1 & 2 -
  • Pulse 1 & 2 -


  • PULSEWIDTH1 - only the pulse width of the first oscillator can be controlled via a knob. However both oscillators can be controlled via the PWM inputs via control voltage.
  • FREQ 1 - frequency (pitch) of the first oscillator
  • FREQ 2 - frequency (pitch) of the second oscillator

Patch Suggestions

This video by Synths & Things explains the ins and outs of this module really well:


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