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Signal voltage levels

AE Modular works entirely on +5V. For the several signal types this means the following:

  • Both CV and Audio are unipolar 5V, and are so interchangeable.
  • CV signals are 0..5V
  • Pitch is 1V/octave. According to the calibration page on Tangible Waves:
- 1V = C1(1)= MIDI note 24 = 32.703 Hz
- 3V = C3 = MIDI note 48 = 130.81 Hz
  • Gate/triggers are 5V
  • Audio signals are 0..5V, centre around +2.5V typically 3Vpp (so 1..4V), though this varies e.g pulse wave from oscillators are full range 5Vpp
  • Output impedance is ~1kOhm, so nothing bad happens if an output is connected to ground or two outputs are directly connected (in fact, they will be summed / mixed).

(1) C0 vs C1 : different manufactures use different conventions for octave number, the midi spec simply states midi note (e.g 24) and the required frequency.

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