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AE Modular Technical Guide

AE Modular is a budget modular format, the lower cost makes it accessible to more users, but without reducing the sound quality, and retaining the flexibility and hands-on nature of more expensive modular formats.

To reduce costs its simplifies the requirements for building modules - using breadboard wires, and simpler potentiometers, and a simple 5V common voltage.

This “simplification”, also means it is easy for users to build their own modules - there are many other DIY platforms that also use 5V including microcontrollers like Arduino / Atmel, ARM, etc.

If you’ve never played with synth DIY its a perfect place to ‘give it a go’, try building a simple oscillator - see how it goes..

DISCLAIMER: This document is created in good faith, but I cannot accept any responsibility for damages caused by inaccurate/incorrect information. If you have questions please ask them on the forum or to tangible waves directly.

Signals on the Bus Cable

Signal Voltage Levels

Physical Characteristics

The MASTER Module

Oscillator Calibration

Connecting to other Systems

Considerations for DIY Modules

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